100 word challenge ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted …

I was with my friends Gum the koala and Splash the penguin and Sneaky the platypus, camping on Kangaroo Island. We were walking down to stream to get water to boil so we could cook ants, gum leaves, fish and yabbies. Then we saw it, there was a huge bright green dragon sitting on the other side of the stream. We jumped over the stream and slowly walked over to the dragon. Me and splash jumped on its back it jumped into the air and flew off. Hold on I said to Splash ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ Splash replied...Image result for dragon green

100 Word Challenge he took no notice of the sign.

Dong! Dong! The bell for the end of lunch had just gone. We raced to the art room, it was the last session of the day. We were making clay sculptures of different Star Wars characters. For our school visual art show we were going to make different scenes from the movie. I was making ewoks for the battle of endor. We started packing up the, because the bell just rung. Dong! Dong! I walked out of the school with my friend. As we were walking home we saw a man drive into a building he took no notice of the sign.

I didn’t realise they could fly

Finally, I was out of my cot in the garden. I think I am done with these afternoon naps.  The grass feels nice on my knees as I crawl around.

What’s that over there?  That’s one of those things Mum calls a bird.  Perhaps it will play ball with me. I will roll the ball to you and you will roll the ball to me. I roll the ball over to it. What is it doing now? It isn’t rolling the ball back. It’s in the air. It’s flying. I didn’t realise they could fly…

Who am I?

100 word challenge -picture: statue of man

I was walking through town when I noticed these big tall metal statues or so I thought.When I heard “hello down there small person ” I spun around and saw the tallest of them all and he was talking. It seemed like they come alive at night. He said that he was going into the forest to the clearing to meet his friends there. I did not even no there was a clearing there. He said I could come if I wanted to. I followed him to the clearing where there where lots of fires. When we got there he seemed to have a good time.

100 word challenge bones, seahorse, avocado, elephant, purple

I had just come home from work on a Friday afternoon and I decided I would like some avocados on the weekend.So I went onto my computer, went on amazon found them and I ordered some.

They arrived two days later but they where,                                                                                                   “PURPLE“.                                                                                                                                                   I decided to ride a elephant to the amazon jungle. So I could ask the amazon company why they painted them purple I with my pet seahorse.when I got there they wast just a swamp/ jungle. But I guy gave me a few human finger bones saying the amazon is based in Rio de Janeiro.


We had just blasted off in orbiter Discovery. I looked out the window to make sure that the solid rocket boosters and external fuel tank detached properly. As I looked out the window earth just kept getting smaller. We are going to pass through the Kármán line any minute now. I was about to go down to the cargo hold to get the telescope and some other equipment when I felt something brush against my leg. As I turned my head, the world spun in a blur. What was that standing there in the control room of orbiter Discovery?

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2019 MPPS science night

14th of August, 6-7 pm                                                      Related image                           at Moonee Ponds Primary School,                                                              87 Wilson Street 3039

This years’ science night theme is                                                              Destination moon; more mission; more science.

2019 is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon with Mike Collins orbiting the moon in the command module. That’s the reason why the theme is destination moon; more mission: more science.

You can see posters, diagrams, power points and all kind of other things made by the students. If it’s a clear night you can look through a telescope and do plenty more activities.



100 word challenge we seemed to be on television.

I was doing my homework like usually, with my friend  then bang!  I was  in a mine crash!someone had put a rock over the entrance. I wander around for hours then I found a little shaft I started climbing up. I just able to wriggle my way out when bang! I was in the imperial war museum London someone said to jump into the spitfire so we jumped in to the spitfire vroom we were up in the air. when I got home, we seemed to be on television.

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“Open your eyes!” said my Dad and I immediately did as he said. I looked straight at the table and saw an old, grey hat. Why was that hat on the table? This was meant to be my birthday present and all I got was one old, dusty hat. “Is this mine?” I asked sheepishly. “Yes, this has been in the family for hundreds of years and has the power to make you invisible when you wear it.  This is a one of a kind and is very valuable, but you can only use it in emergencies.” Suddenly we heard a thud coming from the front door.

I like the descriptive language and Ialso like how you ended with a cliffhanger.

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I was so cross that when I was asked if I  wanted some ice cream I said no. Why you ask?   Well, you see, I was walking to school minding my own bissnues and suddenly this random bee came along, stung me and made me drop my phone.  In the drain!  On a rainy day!  Then, lightning struck it!  That night when I got home, dad offered me an ice-cream or basically the opportunity to win one million dollars from the Magnum Lick and Win contest.  Oddly, I said NO!  Of course, my brother ate it and won!

I like how you made being stunk buy a bee such a big deal but you should check the spelling of business.