100 word challenge we seemed to be on television.

I was doing my homework like usually, with my friend  then bang!  I was  in a mine crash!someone had put a rock over the entrance. I wander around for hours then I found a little shaft I started climbing up. I just able to wriggle my way out when bang! I was in the imperial war museum London someone said to jump into the spitfire so we jumped in to the spitfire vroom we were up in the air. when I got home, we seemed to be on television.

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Why where there two massive dominoes on the street? They weren’t there before. There is a crowd of people standing around wondering where they came from as well. Apparently no one knows why it’s there and nobody saw it get there ether. Suddenly robotic arms appear out of their sides and legs lift the dominoes higher up. Then there are two domino robots standing in front of us. Then a Dominoes pizza van drives by. The robots start following it down the street. A few minutes later some police cars drive down the street, chasing after the robots. This day was just really weird.

You should check your spelling of either.
It dose sound weird and it made me think about the were they came from and what they wanted.

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“Open your eyes!” said my Dad and I immediately did as he said. I looked straight at the table and saw an old, grey hat. Why was that hat on the table? This was meant to be my birthday present and all I got was one old, dusty hat. “Is this mine?” I asked sheepishly. “Yes, this has been in the family for hundreds of years and has the power to make you invisible when you wear it.  This is a one of a kind and is very valuable, but you can only use it in emergencies.” Suddenly we heard a thud coming from the front door.

I like the descriptive language and Ialso like how you ended with a cliffhanger.

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I was so cross that when I was asked if I  wanted some ice cream I said no. Why you ask?   Well, you see, I was walking to school minding my own bissnues and suddenly this random bee came along, stung me and made me drop my phone.  In the drain!  On a rainy day!  Then, lightning struck it!  That night when I got home, dad offered me an ice-cream or basically the opportunity to win one million dollars from the Magnum Lick and Win contest.  Oddly, I said NO!  Of course, my brother ate it and won!

I like how you made being stunk buy a bee such a big deal but you should check the spelling of business.

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It was a disaster it was all my fault the domino bombs are bombing our land.

It was all my fault i grew the dominoes and they came to life.

The were a lot smarter than humans and the made atomic bombs.

The also discovered ho to work planes to drop bombs they then disguised themselves as statues.

They then just bombed everything it is total madhouse and everybody is forced to live in subway tunnels.

Its my fault which is why i’m in there plane wright now about to bomb the subways.

I’m a domino a big  one that grew the others.

I like how you made a twist at the end.
But the two sentences below don’t makes sense.
1 The also discovered ho to work planes to drop bombs they then disguised themselves as statues.
2 The were a lot smarter than humans and the made atomic bombs

100 wc Whatever has happened?

It was a sunny peaceful day I was walking though the forest to the city. It was a 2 hour walk from my house in the mountains. I was going to go and meet my sister at the beach with her children. Then we would go to the seaside pizza restraunt. It was a pleasent walk through the forest listening to the birds and animals. I was geting tierd so I decided to go down to the to the stream for a rest. After a little while I contined walking to the city. When I got there I wondered whatever had happend?

…why was that hat on the table?…

It was christmas morning I had just come down stairs. I was passing through the kitchen into the. When I noticed something on the kitchen table that stooped me right in my tracks…  why was that hat on the table?… It was a crazy fantastic looking hat sitting in the only sliver of sunlight shing through the window. I carefully walked to the hat and put it on and I found my self in the ice age on the back of a mamoth. It was quite a nice ride and I became friends with it and named it Woolly.I’ve been traveling the world ever since.

100wc rose, scooter, excitedly, late, transparent

I was riding my rose red vespa scooter excitedly to the meeting of the,

turtle ninja warroirs 

I arrived ten minutes late, because a platoon of the enemy dark knights attacked me on the way there, and I had to fight my way out. But when I finally got there there was more bad news.

The transparent box that holds the crystal of light had been stolen by the dark knights. We had to get it back. So we made maps and battle plans, built attack postions and lookouts. Today was the day we were going to attack …



Today was the day of the mission. In one hour, we would hopefully launch into space and explore another galaxy. The ground crew were making the last preparations and the mechanics were checking everything. “Ten minutes to blast off”, as I climbed up to launch capsule I heard ” all operation crew to misson control “.Ten nine eight six five four three two one blast off. It was a looooong journey but finally we landed on a distant planet. It was so diffrent to earth it even smelled diffrent the creatures that inhabiteted the theplanet are so diffrent to humans.

100wc I was so angry that

I was riding home when bang my tyre popped I had a puncture. I found half a dozen nails on the ground. I was so angry that I thought who would be silly, or MEAN enough to leave a box of nails in the bike lane. I had to walk the whole three kilometres home.It was a long, tiring, hot walk home.I couldn’t wait to get home, and have a nice cold shower. I was so annoyed when I got home. My Dad was too because he had to fix the puncture. That day felt so looong.